A knowledge economy is based on workplaces in which employees at all levels can use their skills, knowledge and creativity to the fullest possible extent.

Peter Totterdill

CEO Workplace Innovation Europe

Human Capital Management
Human Capital Experience

Companies need more from workers - workers expect more from companies!  We analyze your needs to prepare and implement the best methods for hiring, managing, developing, and retaining workers that support company goals. We develop methods for creating work experiences that align worker wants, needs and expectations with company goals.

In short: co-creation of a working environment with a 'people first approach' wherein worker and company can thrive .

Don't waste anymore of anyones' time

Improve manager, team, culture, organizational effectiveness, technology, internal services and workspaces to enhance workforce productivity.

The job fulfills the needs and wants 

Attract, develop, reward and retain talent and improve overall employee engagement.

Collaboration is productive and 'nice'

Enhance efficiency, upgrade the use of collective intelligence in a psychologically safe environment.

Employer branding & Communication

Boost your company’s online and offline presence. Are you making the most out of your outreach channels? We develop and implement a strategic plan to make your website, social media and connections tell a story that aligns with your business strategy.

Content curation & creation

A continuous influx of qualitative insights about your field of expertise on your social media channels, including home-grown blog articles.

A picture is worth a 1000 words

Websites, landing pages, videos, infographics, etc. I can get it done.


News site/letters, management announcements, events or knowledge sharing.


You and your team want to 'get out of the building' and need to be seen at conferences, seminars, round tables, and similar events.

I understand that sometimes you need help
with things that might not come naturally to you.
Let me guide you.

Personality & mindset

Stop saying yes to shit you hate

Solely motivated by effectiveness, efficiency, efficacy and self-improvement, I seek challenges where I can think, create, build, deliver, optimize, learn and grow.

My values are reflected in day-to-day behaviors without a 'say-do' gap.

Curiosity killed the cat

Continuous learner, high achiever, high energy level, direct communicator, averse of mediocrity, technology savvy, attracted to disruption & innovation, intrigued by organizational development, creative solution seeker, passionate story teller, avid habitué of restaurants, cat lover, grandmother & introvert with a humorous streak.

Work hard, play hard

Being an independent contractor empowers me with the necessary freedom of thinking and handling.
And has set me on the sole path to self-fulfillment and a balanced life.

I have 168 hrs per week to spend on interesting stuff and not 5 x 8 hrs.

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Alvin Toffler


My L&D path in 2020

  • Innovative Work Organisation - The innovative work organization is based on insights gained within sociotechnology. Modern sociotechnology is a business movement aimed at improving performance of people and organization. This by adapting or redesigning work processes and human tasks. Antwerp Management School
  • Organizational Design: Creating Competitive Advantage - How to design control systems, decision-making processes and a culture that enables value creation and the development of sustainable competitive advantage. edX
  • An Introduction to Human Experience Management - Human experience management (HXM) addresses the critical role that employee experience plays in creating agile, high-performing companies. openSAP
  • Getting Things Done (GTDis a personal productivity methodology that redefines how you approach your life and work. BaasOverJeTijd
  • HR in the Age of AIPeople as Competitive Advantage. Josh Bersin Academy

My L&D path in 2019

  • Take the Lead, transforming your organisation to win at digital speed - How to guide your organisation through a successful digital transformation and enhance the organisational agility of your company. Vlerick
  • Certified Professional in Agility in HR, by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) - How to tackle the changed way of thinking and working and adjust people engagement practices to be more humanistic and values based. SugarMe
  • People as Competitive Advantage; Performance Management ReimaginedThe Agile Learning OrganizationPeople AnalyticsHR Tech WorkshopJosh Bersin Academy
  • Non-Violent Communication - (NVC) is a unique and powerful process for inspiring compassionate connection and action. The purpose of NVC is to help sharpen your awareness of language so that you can express what really matters to you, and also hear what really matters to others. It involves empathic communication whereby we can attune ourselves to both our own and other people’s real needs. BlaBla

My L&D path in 2018 and earlier

  • Startathlon - Turn a business idea into a validated bsuiness model. 7 steps-program for IT/SaaS startups consisting of personal training sessions, coaching and knowledge exchange with mentors and investors. Sirris
  • Platform Business Models, Management & Strategy - Introduction to key principles of platform management and leadership. Center for Global Enterprise (CGE)
  • Employee Training & Development - When is training the right course of action and how to  design and deliver instruction to meet your training needs. eCornell
  • Essentials in strategy - Practical and effective frameworks and tools for strategic decision making. Vlerick
  • Digital Transformation Strategy - Strategies for driving business success in the new digital economy. How to rethink traditional business models from the outside in, assemble the right team for the journey ahead, and make bold strategic choices along the three phases of digital transformation. Boston University on EDX
  • Certified Prosci Change Manager - How to apply a holistic change management methodology and toolset, including the Prosci ADKAR® Model, to a real project. TPSOC
  • Certified Prince 2 Foundation Project Manager - Prince 2 is a standardized suite of processes and procedures for safe, controlled and efficient planning and implementation of projects. APMG-International

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